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I share with you this publication that is part of the chapter of the book: Miradas y voces de la Investigación Educativa IV : Formación y desarrollo profesional docente. Educational Innovation with a view to social justice. Contributions from Educational Research. Published by the Catholic University of Córdoba, Argentina. Faculty of Education.

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Visitors attended the more than 1,600 events held during the 14 days of this edition of FILBo, which ended with more than 515 thousand people and a positive balance on the part of exhibitors and guests.

Mass attendance was undoubtedly the focus of exhibitors, guests, partners and organizers. This version of the Bogota International Book Fair allowed thousands of followers to approach their authors, to listen to their personal experiences about literary creation that transcends borders.

Nicolás Montero, Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports, said: «We are very happy to have returned to FILBo in person and with the great Pavilion «Reading for Life». We were also able to meet in the more than 90 activities that we developed in the city, such as the one held in Ciudad Bolivar with the Romanian poet Mircea C?rt?rescu at the El Mirador Library. We enjoyed different writers with the magic of their lyrics and we were around a great concept of being together again, of meeting again».

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The sources have given several names to the state project: «Confederation of the Andes»,[1][3][4] «Federation of the Andes»,[2][5] «Bolivian Federation»[6][7][8] and «Andean Federation»[9][10].

While he was in Bolivia, the Constituent Congress of Chuquisaca asked him to write them a constitution,[26] which the Liberator did after returning to Lima and while enjoying social life and his love affair with Manuela Sáenz.[27] This constitution is a middle ground between federal and federal.

This constitution is a middle ground between federalism and monarchy. Letter from Bolívar to Páez, Lima, May 26, 1826. My project reconciles the extremes: the federalists will find there their desires largely fulfilled and the aristocrats will find a permanent, solid and strong government; the democrats will see liberty preserved above all else. Letter from Bolivar to Santander, Lima, May 3, 1826.[35]

…brought together the stability of monarchy; the electoral power of democracy; the absolute tax centralization of the unitary regime: popular intervention in political appointments as in federalism; censors for life as in oligarchy; the right of petition and of endorsement of constitutional reforms as in the plebiscitary system.[35]

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kristiano2451 SILVIA FELDSTEIN , Therapist CAMAIORE (LU) ITALY | private 2450 Antonio Elizalde Hevia , Sociologist Santiago de Chile Chile | Universidad Bolivariana 2449 Ana MAlcolm Carreiro , Professor London UK | university The hunger strikers are demanding: an end to the use of the Pinochet’s anti-terrorist law in their case.

Only the struggle will set them free!312 Patricia Martinez Gonzalez , D.F. Mexico | Movimiento Agrario Indigena Zapatista (MAIZ) It seems that the criminalization of social protest is the Chilean government’s way of resolving the just demands of indigenous peoples.


Strength and resistance173 Ramona Quiroga , professor Alkmaar Netherlands | International Decade The Decade is the appropriate space in which to make the international community aware of the reality of the situation of indigenous peoples.