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A union composed of teachers and education assistants began a strike demanding better working conditions. The surprise of the workers was great when on Monday they found the educational premises closed with chains.

Among their demands are «better working conditions and how the learning process is developed. In reinvesting, because this is an Educational Corporation, the funds of the preferential school subsidy, elements that have not been transparent with the community, and that is our greatest concern».

For his part, the secretary of the union, Leonardo Contreras, explained that «it was very hard to realize that there were chains and that they had reinforced this closure. That Monday, during our first hours of strike, we saw students arriving without understanding much, because the school’s communiqué invited them not to attend, but did not indicate that it was going to be closed».

This Monday, both teachers and assistants grouped in the union will meet with the administrator, stating that they will go to the meeting with uncertainty as to what will happen both with the conversations and with the students of Colegio Chile de San Miguel.

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Today, half a century later, in order to build a better educational future for our students, we have looked back to our history and from there we have rescued our Alma Mater from its origins. We have rescued Pascal, a visionary man, ahead of his time, and in him we want to project ourselves towards a new stage that will allow us to continue improving our Educational Project, from the technological innovation and with a contextualized view of the Chilean society of the XXI century.

We believe that education is a collective good, not an individual privilege, which is why we focus our educational model on all students, not only on those who have a good academic performance, respecting the learning pace of each one. In coherence, we do not carry out academic selection during the admission process, nor do we exercise any disciplinary sanction associated with academic performance.

Online platform that allows a complete follow-up of the students’ formative process, allows: access and download the educational material; view attendance, behavioral aspects, grades obtained, scheduling of future evaluations, maintain communication with the school and view justifications.

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With a cordial greeting, wishing you and your families to be well, the following information is provided for your information, regarding the end of the semester and winter vacation, which we hope will be a space for rest and renewal.

The initiative to actively participate in the so-called Global Education Pact was proposed by Pope Francis, concerned about the crisis that the planet is experiencing and convinced that education is the best way to reverse this situation.

As of June 7, the process of elective subjects of deepening for the 2nd and 3rd grades began. During the Personal Development classes, the UTP together with the Guidance Office gave the first talk on the Curricular Basis for the 3rd and 4th grades. Soon the parents of these classes will be called to a meeting to inform them about the process.

As a regulation from the Ministry of Education and following the guidelines and considerations for physical activity in pandemic, attached is a plan prepared by the Physical Education Department in conjunction with UTP to carry out the classes of the subject.

Chile school schedule

Along with greetings, we would like to share with you some dates that correspond to the closing of the first semester. On Tuesday June 28th and Wednesday June 29th students will take the final evaluations of language and mathematics during the first block (8:00 to 9:45 a.m.). Therefore, it is essential that students arrive punctually to school because the evaluation will begin at that time. And those who arrive late will have less time to develop it.

Winter vacations are from June 30 to July 22. From Thursday, June 30 to Wednesday, July 6, students who have the JUNAEB benefit will be able to attend school to receive their lunch (cold snack) from 12:15 to 13:00 hrs. It is very important to respect the established schedule.

We hope that these days of recreation and family reunion will serve to recharge energies and strengthen family ties that are so necessary for the integral formation of each of the students. We wish that each family has a refreshing rest to start the second semester.