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One of these schools, the Juan Pablo II de Alcorcón, in Madrid, has gone further on several occasions, grabbing headlines and criticism since the beginning of this academic year due to the ideological positioning of its director.

After the accusations of sexist activities, last week members of the Educational Inspection of the Regional Ministry visited the center to check how these workshops and excursions were being organized. Sources from this department assure that there is still no response, although they explain that they have come because they had not informed the Regional Ministry that they were going to carry out this type of activities.

Another incident also in the capital occurred in Christmas 2016. The government of Ahora Madrid was heavily criticized by the opposition after they denied the Arenales school, which segregates its students by sex in different classes, to participate in the parade in the district of Carabanchel. The already resigned spokeswoman of the municipal PP, Esperanza Aguirre, accused Carmena’s team of wanting to «indoctrinate and de-Christianize» this event.

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The origins of the college date back to two historical characters, both knights of twenty-four and reputed and important people of the city of Granada: Don Diego de Ribera and Don Bartolomé Veneroso.

The coat of arms of the College became that of its two founders: on the left the knife, instrument of the martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew, and the fleur-de-lis, emblem of the Veneroso family. On the right the cross of Santiago, on green and white bars, the coat of arms of the Ribera family.

The noble cloister, the main courtyard of the school, is the oldest part of the building. There is also another courtyard, in which there is currently a garden. Among the rooms of the College are the library, the Assembly Hall of Carlos III, the chapel and the dining room. The College houses an interesting collection of paintings and historical furniture, especially important are the portraits of former students.

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Susana Hormazábal, mother of one of the affected, said that the young people «began to fight in the patio because they threw a ball far away», and after entering the classrooms, «they went to look for them where they were to threaten them with death, to hit them; they even hit the teacher».

Finally, the two youngsters were formalized for threats and minor injuries, and they were forbidden to approach the victim as a precautionary measure. The court also scheduled a second hearing to seek an alternative solution to the case.

In view of the occurrence of various student disputes inside and outside educational establishments, the psychologist of the University of Talca, Natalia Uribe, explained in depth about the various acts of violence that have occurred in the country.

«Therefore, we cannot affirm that the pandemic caused this, since it could be a hasty association. But we can say that this factor has been a trigger for the increase in these cases,» she added.

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It consists of two plinths or bases and three superimposed bodies. Of these, the first two are by Moure. The rest belong to his son Francisco and his disciples. At the top three shields: the two side ones of the Cardinal founder; the center one, larger, and now smooth, should have the Jesuit coat of arms.[8] Seen from top to bottom and from left to right they are sculpted:

[7] Francisco Moure has an important street named after him in Monforte. It was in this city where he died in 1636, at his home in Sederos Street, currently Cardenal (Cardenal Estrecho popularly).