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KAIRÓS es un equipo de profesionales comprometidos con una reconocida trayectoria en el mundo de la educación que trabaja con Gobiernos, Universidades e Instituciones para llevar a cabo procesos de innovación y transformación educativa.

Nos comprometemos a apoyar e impulsar los cambios que se necesitan con urgencia en la educación, para lo cual trabajamos con las autoridades, equipos directivos, investigadores, docentes, estudiantes, comunidades y pueblos del mundo en respuesta a los nuevos desafíos que enfrenta la educación para ser efectivamente un factor clave del desarrollo sostenible.

Kairós es reconocida y tiene prestigio a nivel internacional como una alternativa para llevar a cabo procesos educativos para enfrentar los retos del siglo XXI, promoviendo que las personas y grupos se desarrollen personal y profesionalmente, a través de una educación pertinente, de calidad y de servicio para construir una humanidad diversa.

Contribuir desde la transformación de la educación al desarrollo económico y social global y de los países, haciendo a las personas protagonistas de sus procesos vitales y de su destino, con valores y capacidades para ser promotores del cambio social y del desarrollo sostenible.

Our Lady of Loreto School

The project, formed by research teams from the Center for Advanced Studies of the National University of Córdoba and the Latin American Association of Radio Education, set out to analyze the ways in which hegemonic media discourses favor the ‘acceptability’ of discourses in favor of educational privatization.

The economicist conception of social and educational issues has recently been exacerbated, becoming an instrumental matrix for understanding and diagnosing reality. This process, which deepened in the 1990s, was promoted by international financial organizations, especially the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and, as Gentili says (1996GENTILI, P. El Consenso de Washington y la crisis de la educación en América Latina . 1996. Available at: <>. Accessed on: 25 Feb. 2016.….

The educational field brings into play two dimensions, that of discourse and that of political-economic decisions. It is precisely in this space of crossover and conflict that the most complex crossroads arise today.

Gaudem College

Many prominent writers worked in Munich. During the period immediately preceding World War I, the city became economically and culturally prominent. Munich, and especially its then suburbs of Schwabing and Maxvorstadt, became the domicile of many artists and writers. Nobel laureate Thomas Mann, who also lived there, wrote ironically in his novel Gladius Dei about this period, «Munich shone.» It remained a center of cultural life during the Weimar period with figures such as Bertolt Brecht and Lion Feuchtwanger.

Munich has a continental climate, strongly modified by the city’s altitude and proximity to the northern edge of the Alps. This means that precipitation is high and storms can arrive violently and unexpectedly.

Munich Airport «Franz Josef Strauß» is the international airport of the Bavarian capital Munich and with around 48 million passengers is one of the ten busiest aviation airports in Europe. Around 100 airlines connect it to more than 200 destinations in some 70 countries. Wikipedia

Daughters of Mary’s patronage

Traditional monarchy is understood as a monarchy governed by the principles of traditionalism or tradition, understood as the implementation of the social reign of Jesus Christ, as opposed to heterodox monarchies of absolutist, constitutionalist or parliamentary type, it is a confessional monarchy combined with strong royal powers, with some checks and balances provided by organicist representation, and with a hierarchical society structured on a corporate basis (guilds, nobility, etc). Monarchy, then, means the unification of these two, the throne and the altar, in a spiritual and moral sense.

Also outside the traditionalist monarchical doctrine is the idea that everything that aims the Nation is in the hands of political parties, parties in a Traditional Monarchy can exist as long as they are self-financing and have no costs for taxpayers, however, on principle, representation cannot be by parties, because these do not reflect the social structure, but the political interests of the groups that seek access to government, and what the Courts (representative of social sovereignty) mean is precisely the opposition of society to power, so that the laws that are dictated and that it has to comply with are so with their collaboration and conformity, then the recommended political representation would be through associations and corporations (mainly territorial and institutional) in which society is organized spontaneously in its variety and that express the experience of the problems that the law must regulate or provide a solution in their case. [12]